What It Does

Checks in all the v2 formula folders if the file formula_folder/pillar.example exists.

Why Is This Bad

Formulas without a pillar.example file are hard to use. The primary interface between users and the formula are pillars. If there is no example of how to use the formula the user will be lost.

How To Fix

If the formula is not configurable via the pillars and empty pillar.example file should be created.

If the formula is configurable via the pillars a file with a good example should be created. Alternatively default values from the map.jinja should be recreated in the pillar.example file.

Example pillar.example from formula.helper_scripts
# No state files required so also no pillars required

Known Problems



» tree states/formula/helper_scripts
├── fix_user
├── init.sls
├── map.jinja

0 directories, 4 files
warning: formula `formula.helper_scripts` does not have a pillar.example file at the expected path
  quickfix: create an empty file under "/home/athaller/code/work/salt/saltstack/states/formula/helper_scripts/pillar.example" if there are no valid example pillars or find good examples for the formula

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